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Go to parliament.

To met khun Somsak thepsutin to push up the law  A call for animal Rights.

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Dog name beam (เบิ้ม). He is mail dog and alreadt spay and vaccination but h e want to say thank you after procatsanddogs took him to Vet hosptal

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People would take the food and throw it, throw out the water, that had been given to the dogs, even if they were not the ones who took the effort to feed and take care of the dogs. I wonder when they were enemies and hated each other from which previous life, some people would shout out loud enough so I could hear and say that they would poison and kill the dogs. Sathu, Sathu, (Thai Buddhist Salutation), do they have only this much of maturity, such a pity for those who speak like that, they will not help, they will not do anything, but only want to destroy.

There were 2 white dogs, their names were Khanun(jackfruit) and White Khanun. White Khanun was sent to my mother’s house in Chacheongsao province, Tambon BangPhra just near Bangkok. Khanun was actually a disabled dog but it could walk even though a car hit it, but eventually it died. As for White Khanun, was absolutely normal, but the sad thing was my sister who loved dogs, actually wanted to get her sterilized, by injection. Many times this sort of sterilization, of dogs, if the dogs are not properly controlled would lead to internal bleeding and the womb becoming septic, as the dog maybe carrying puppies but the owner does not know. As for Khanun she did not allow the owner to sterilize her by injection, although she was disabled because her two back legs were broken,and the vet said she should not have puppies, but eventually she did have one puppy and it survived.

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Written by Khun Ratree Petchphraprasert (Khun Dao)

I started to have an attachment to dogs or our furry friends around 2-3 years ago, up to now which is September 2010. I was rather cold and inattentive to dogs for a long time, since I was born, and I used to see a lot of dogs everywhere in Bangkok. In fact as a child I did not really like dogs very much, I never thought of carrying them, kissing them and leading them on a leash, since I was so indifferent towards them.


In Chachoengsao province, I remember very clearly that my younger sister truly loved animals. As for myself I had once been bitten by a dog, and my mother was saying oh the dog is stressed because its puppies just died. I was bitten on my leg, behind my calf and had to see the doctor to get vaccinated. In fact this dog was eventually abandoned by the mean neighbors and my sister really hated them after that, and I too felt so guilty as well because no matter how bad it had bitten me I had a lot of insurance policies to cover this and it did not matter to me. 


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