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Written by Khun Ratree Petchphraprasert (Khun Dao)

I started to have an attachment to dogs or our furry friends around 2-3 years ago, up to now which is September 2010. I was rather cold and inattentive to dogs for a long time, since I was born, and I used to see a lot of dogs everywhere in Bangkok. In fact as a child I did not really like dogs very much, I never thought of carrying them, kissing them and leading them on a leash, since I was so indifferent towards them.


In Chachoengsao province, I remember very clearly that my younger sister truly loved animals. As for myself I had once been bitten by a dog, and my mother was saying oh the dog is stressed because its puppies just died. I was bitten on my leg, behind my calf and had to see the doctor to get vaccinated. In fact this dog was eventually abandoned by the mean neighbors and my sister really hated them after that, and I too felt so guilty as well because no matter how bad it had bitten me I had a lot of insurance policies to cover this and it did not matter to me. 


I wasn’t very attached to dogs until the around October 2008. I was a person who loved to run and exercise and coincidentally I had a small business and stayed upstairs. So basically my home and office were at the same place and it was located around the Srinakharinwirote University, Prasarnmit campus, which was around 10 minutes walk from my place. I would usually walk for around half an hour to one and a half hours, both running and walking. Before Srinakarinwirot University used to be really very shady cool and pleasant and there were a lot of dogs there around 100-180 dogs. Strange colored and patterned dogs, disabled, skinny with ticks and diseases. Many with multiple complications, I saw them running and biting each other and sometimes playing with each other sad, happy hurt, lonely, hungry, thirsty depending from day to day. When it rained they had drinking water, so that was no problem and some days when soft hearted people with kind hearts bring food and they are full. Sometimes there are children who love dogs who come in and play with them so they are not lonely. They are also lucky if they do not get run over by cars and get hurt or die, and on days that no one comes to feed them they sit waiting literally like roadside beggars.


Then one day I met with an elderly lady, that is Acharn Ubolrat(Acharn Ting), as the guards at the university call her. I saw her driving in her Toyota Vios driving from the main entrance gate, passing the statue and I noticed that around 10-30 dogs ran so excitedly and jumped in happiness to meet her. She was the first woman who led me to start loving and being compassionate and merciful to the dogs. She encouraged me to be like her and feed the dogs, give water to the dogs, yet she did not have the funds to sterilize them, buy medicines for them or just nurse their wounds. I had absolutely different ideas from her she fed the dogs and complained along with that, I on the other hand looked at the situation from a different angle, I wanted to reduce the population of dogs as quickly as possible, before it was too late. It was just natural for one dog would have at least 3-10 puppies, but if 10 dogs had 10 puppies at a time, let us now calculate how many puppies there would be, just for the mother dog alone it would be so difficult, be it for the food or even diseases, ticks and fleas how would they sleep and survive.


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