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People would take the food and throw it, throw out the water, that had been given to the dogs, even if they were not the ones who took the effort to feed and take care of the dogs. I wonder when they were enemies and hated each other from which previous life, some people would shout out loud enough so I could hear and say that they would poison and kill the dogs. Sathu, Sathu, (Thai Buddhist Salutation), do they have only this much of maturity, such a pity for those who speak like that, they will not help, they will not do anything, but only want to destroy.

There were 2 white dogs, their names were Khanun(jackfruit) and White Khanun. White Khanun was sent to my mother’s house in Chacheongsao province, Tambon BangPhra just near Bangkok. Khanun was actually a disabled dog but it could walk even though a car hit it, but eventually it died. As for White Khanun, was absolutely normal, but the sad thing was my sister who loved dogs, actually wanted to get her sterilized, by injection. Many times this sort of sterilization, of dogs, if the dogs are not properly controlled would lead to internal bleeding and the womb becoming septic, as the dog maybe carrying puppies but the owner does not know. As for Khanun she did not allow the owner to sterilize her by injection, although she was disabled because her two back legs were broken,and the vet said she should not have puppies, but eventually she did have one puppy and it survived.


Whereas White Khanun was an easy going dog and easy to teach and also was given the sterilization injection, but she gave birth to 4 puppies and had internal bleeding. She was given a drip with saline solution for 1-2 weeks . Well White Khanun beat the god of death this time, and just ran around after other dogs happily, but once again she suffered from internal bleeding and this time succumbed to the bleeding. Whereas her puppies were taken care of for 3-4 months. When I found out that White Khanun died I was extremely sad because I was the one who took both of them and sent them to Chachoengsao because I was afraid they would be hit by cars, or get beaten. But what did I know they even died before that could happen. So I actually scolded my younger sister, but since she wasn’t working, she would not even have 1,000-2,000 bahts with her, and that was the main reason that she did not get these 2 dogs sterilized in the first place. Hence they had puppies and I was wrong, I killed them, I sent them to Chachoengsao, if not they maybe still alive.

Of course the 4-6 puppies of Khanun and White Khanun were sterilized and fully vaccinated, including around 10 other cats and dogs, for which I paid all the expenses.

One day I came to rest in front of the clock tower, close to the pool of water, in Srinakarinwirot University, and I fell in love with 3 dogs. So I named them Ai Khao(Ms. Whitey) Ai Dang(Ms. Spotty) and Ai Naamtaan(Ms. Brownie) all female dogs. Until one day my Ai Khao disappeared, this was the first time that the four compartments of my heart were utterly destroyed , I was afraid, scared, worried, could not walk properly , irritable and every part of my heart and mind were missing Ai Khao. I could not eat and I could not sleep and also would secretly cry, and I would ask myself what has happened to me.

But was happening to me was just natural, not an act on my side. Then one day I found Ai Khao again, and then Ai Khao disappeared again for many weeks, and I found out from the security guards that it had been sent to the Chulalongkorn Hospital for Animals, because it got hit by a car. The security guard then gave me the telephone number of the kind hearted person who took our furry friend to the hospital, I actually cried because I was so happy, I was extremely happy. I found out that kind hearted person was the elder sister of Acharn Ong, she was a Dr by title, but I don’t know her real name. I asked permission to visit Ai Khao after every two days, but Acharn Ong said don’t come my house is really smelly because I have 37 dogs!! Dogs that are hurt, dogs that are sick, disabled dogs, all were allowed in her was truly amazing.

Her elder sister took care of the dogs as she did not have a job and only took care of the dogs, it was during that time that I loved dogs, but not all dogs, only some of them but because of their loyalty and straightforwardness that I decided to contact various organizations and to ensure that they were sterilized and vaccinated. It was unbelievable how many problems I faced, it was problems after problems…because they were stray dogs and did not stay at one permanent place, and were here and there in various areas, depending on where they were born. But oh my God there were so many for a small built lady like me to handle and allow them to stay in an orderly manner. Once they started to eat and looked a little better, I started to contact Srinakharinwirot University, random calls, continuously calling and getting the message across that I needed permission for them to be there and the main thing was now to control their population or as it is called sterilizing them permanently. I was very lucky to meet with Acharn Vanee Anjanasathit and she enabled me to make my dream come true almost 99.99%.

All the male and female dogs were sterilized and together with this they were vaccinated as well, including the vaccine for rabies all in one, since they were already being sterilized.

Getting involved with Srinakharinwirote University was not easy at all, I often had to face quite bad attitudes from the maids, guards who would be downright rude to me both in their behavior and words as well. They would look at me as though I was a dirty person…There are many good people but only one of these hundred will actually do something about the dogs. They would leave everything to nature, have sympathy and a soft heart for the dogs but not actually do anything for them. For me to make merit or do good didn’t mean that I had to have a lot of money and then start making merit, but even if I had a little I could start now and do it within my means. If I had just waited till I had more money it would have been too late to solve the problem.

Dogs are seen as animals of no value, especially stray dogs. Thai people are narrow minded because they do not buy and raise Thai dogs but instead buy foreign dogs. HM the King has been a good example. Khun Thong Daeng was a stray dog and HM took him in to care for him and he is such an intelligent dog.

In addition when Thai’s get bored of their dogs, they just abandon them in the streets. For example at Srinakharinvirot University there are 9-10 foreign breed dogs that were abandoned by their owners. When these dogs were healthy and looked, cute the owners loved them. But when they had diseases or became crippled the owners abandoned them.

At the University one of the foreign breed dogs known as Ai Nuad(Mr. Moustache) he is a soft coated wheaten terrier, and got his name because he is a furry shaggy dog with a lot of fur on his face…Ai Nuad is almost 12 years old and at present his teeth have fallen out and he is very old. I had just sterilized him recently and a lot of his off spring are half Thai and half foreign breed. They all are quite unique looking with a lot of fur on their faces like their father.

Taking care of dogs involves a lot of expenses such as food, medicine, doctor’s fees. On average a dog’s food expense per day is 12-15baht. There are 167 dogs in the University. These expenses used to empty my wallet and I was tired too….that is why it was so important to sterilize these dogs.

Medical expenses were also so expensive. For a dog that was involved in an accident, like if it got hit by a car the veterinarian charged around 30,000-50,000baht for treatment and staying at the hospital for 1-5 weeks.

Expenses incurred for everyday medical treatment such as flees, parasites, medicine were around 5-100baht per month. Dogs have the same sicknesses as human beings, like diabetes, high and low blood pressure, cataract, cancer, loneliness, depression and mental illnesses as well.

To pay for all these expenses I used my own money and many times asked for credit from the doctors. Even today I still owe the doctor about 70000Baht for sterilizing many dogs, and most of the dogs have parasites in their blood as well.


I don’t just let the dogs die without trying to help them till their last breath. I shed tears for every dog that died, I wrapped its body with a white cloth or put it in a plastic bag and sent it for cremation at a temple at Khlong Toey that has a crematorium especially for dogs and cats. The cost of this is 560Baht per dog and transportation costs around 200baht.

There are some benefactors who have given me financial help such as Acharn Vanee Anjanasathit for more than 50,000baht, the university 200,000baht. Often charitable people hand me from 500 to 7000baht. Americans give me 7000baht everytime, Japanese also give thousands and Indian’s also give me 500-3000baht each time. Some Indians really love dogs.

I have been successful in what my heart wanted and that is to sterilize and vaccinate the dogs and this has been done almost 90%, even though I haven’t done other things that is because I didn’t have enough funds. But within Srinkharinwirot University I have accomplished 99.99%, up to now, but what happens is at the University we also get more dogs due to irresponsible people or even stray dogs from nearby areas that walk in to find food. To take care of all these dogs it takes 3-4 hourst o feed them.

We also have many restaurant benefactors who have given us food. They are Piri Piri, Emporium, Paragon, La Opera and Ootoya that recently opened in Sukhumvit Soi 23. Feeding the dogs is not much fun, in fact it is very hard work. I personally don’t have a car to go and collect the food from these restaurants I hire motorcycles-to feed all the dogs I have to walk all through the University in different areas and it covers almost 60 rai.

I used to be a realtor as my profession and in fact I am also quite healthy never had a headache, leg aches or various other aches in the body. I used to run 10-15 rounds around the football field of the University.

At present I feed the dogs 4 days a week, while the rest of the week Acharn Ting feeds them, because I walk almost 30-40 rai/day I am thin and fit.



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