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adopting Jessie at the animal shelterI never intended on being a cat owner or cat lover. It happened by accident. My first cat was a stray which was living in my yard though I didn’t know it for a very long time. I had to trap her in order to spay her. Because of her feral nature I never thought we would become friends. My intention was to prevent her from having numerous litters of kittens, nothing more. But friends we became and for 7 years we greeted each other daily and missed each other when apart. She gave me my first lesson in the bond that develops between humans and cats. Likewise, she changed from a cat who trusted no one to a cat who trusted at least one person, me.

My next town cats were Jessie and Puma. I adopted Jessie from the SPCA, a shelter for stray animals. Where she came from I will never know. I know she had a good home because she was healthy and friendly but she apparently took a walk one day and couldn’t find her way home. Some nice people brought her to the shelter on the same day I was looking for a cat. I had to wait until she was spayed before I could bring her home.

At the same time I adopted Puma, a kitten about 5 months old, from a friend who was a pet lover. Puma lived with his mother in my friend’s back yard but needed a new home. He has a long, long body and a coat of black fur. He has the very same personality as my first cat which made him difficult to love at first. He was scared of me and extremely shy. I let him outside the house half hoping he would run away but he always returned. That is when I learned that cats bond with humans even though they may not express it very well. You realize with time that they look forward to seeing you after being away, they like routine (coming home at the same time every day), and even the shyest ones love to be scratched under the chin.

IMG_0010 Jessie’s personality is the opposite of Puma’s – confident, friendly, a people-lover. She is happiest when I have visitors. Many people think cats are aloof and independent but not this one!! And yes, we have a bond also. And a routine. She begs every morning and evening for a treat.

I’ve now been a cat owner for 12 years and fully intend on having cats in my life for a long time. I love coming home to the meow and gentle love of a furry four-legged critter. My introduction to cats was accidental and unplanned but now that they are in my life I wouldn’t have it any other way.



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